Wig Care and Styling Products by Jon Renau

A healthy-looking wig starts with proper care. Jon Renau’s wig shampoos and conditioners, styling products, brushes, wig liners, and adhesives are engineered to ensure the prolonged life of your wigs and hair pieces. Here are Jon Renau’s latest new hair care products.

Piece Out Contour Fiber Crème – When styling your own hair, it can be difficult to get your hair the same way your stylist did it last week. Well here’s something that’ll make that process a little simpler with the Piece Out Contour Fiber Crème by Jon Renau. This fiber contour crème adds the loveliest texture and, in addition, sculpts your hair without weighing it down like most products do. This amazing invention can be used on synthetic and even on human hair fibers! How much better can this crème get? Try it out today and see how this will change the way you style your wigs. If you want to add some texture and sculpt your wig just the way you like it, all you have to do is take a small amount of the Piece Out Contour Fiber Crème in the palm of your hand and style through your hair. Ladies, it’s time to be confident and use your own judgment when it comes to styling your hair. Use what you feel is necessary but always remember, more is less sometimes so take that into consideration. Besides its use for human and synthetic hair, it even helps prevent your wigs or african american wigs from becoming frizzy or dull. Why would you not make this smart purchase?

New Jon Renau Holding Spray – If you have been searching for something to hold in those lovely locks or keep up with those tight curls than look no further! Made by one of the most well known hair brands around, Jon Renau has created a unique spray that is crafted exclusively for all synthetic hair types. Here we have the new holding spray for all your synthetic needs. This hairspray product is the linchpin for your future hairstyles. Having been designed exclusively for the use towards synthetic hair wigs and wigs for black women, this paraben- and sulfate-free formula gives you the opportunity to have that long-lasting hold with just a split-second release, brushing out easily to preserve your synthetic pieces polish and overall look. Make use of this product for its long-term hold on with your wigs or wigs for black women, and stop having to depend on a manufactured good where one-size-fits-all-hair styling sprays. Holding Spray offers an extended, stable hold on your hair for whichever look you’re trying to achieve, but one of the additional pluses with this creation is that it releases immediately with water. So you won’t experience the urge to stress about it or even worry about brushing it out either. Since there is no crusty, heavy buildup what is there to get worked up about? That means Jon Renau Holding Spray won’t even embark on dulling your hair’s shine or wring out of its own body while you work with it. It’s light and non-sticky, without parabens or sulfates, so you can use it every day without worry!