How to style curls & beach waves without using heat; Heatless curls & waves


Heatless Curls w/ Hot Water


  • Dampen your synthetic hair.Squeeze a small amount of whichever cream-based moisturizer you have for your wig at home onto the palm of your hand. Once you’ve done that rub your hands together and make sure to run the moisturizer through your synthetic hair until it’s completely gone from your palm. Also, that the product is in your hair thoroughly throughout the hair so there is not more product on it in one spot. The moisturizer will help the synthetic hair hold the curls better and will also protect it depending on what product you have.
    • An alternative would be to use an olive oil in place of the cream moisturizer.

  • Roll the hair with the perm rods or cold curlers.Settle on the size you desire your curls to be and lay out more than a few sizes of perm rods (depending on how you’d like to style your hair). Next you are to divide your hair into petite sections and rotate it up and onto a perm rod. Be certain that you do snap the ends together so the hair stays tightly wound on the rod. Continue this process until you’ve rolled all of the hair against perm rods.
    • Some advice would be to try and differ the sizes of the rollers to get diverse sizes of curls. If you are seeking a more natural look, keep the curls near your neck and the back of your head larger and looser for a fuller look. Use smaller perm rods for the curls near your face so they’re lesser and tighter.
  • Immerse the perm rods in hot water.Fill up a mug 2/3 full of water and heat it for about a minute. Cautiously, submerge each perm rod with hair into the hot water and hold it in the mug for about 15 to 20 seconds. Please make sure to do exactly how it says so you do not have any damage done to your cap or hair. Elevate the perm rod out and douse each of the other perm rods in one at a time.
    • If your water cools, reheat it and continue the dipping procedure.
    • Of course, always use caution when handling hot water. If the mug is too hot to handle, wait till it’s comfortable to pick up with your bare hands.
  • Let hair dry.Keep the hair in the perm rods and let them cool and dry completely before you begin to take it out. If you take them out to soon the curls will not hold properly. They may dry quickly or take a full day to dry, depending on how much hair you wrapped on each curling rod. If you want to sleep with the perm rods in so your curls set overnight, you must wear a protective cap so they do not fall out.
    • If you’re short on time, you could set it next to a low setting fan. Just ensure that the fan does not blow too hard or it will creating tangles.
  • It’s Time!Once the hair has entirely dried around the entire wig, it’s time to gently remove them! The curls will most likely be tense and bouncy when pulled. If you’d like them to stay tight and close to your head, just leave them alone. If you’d like the curls to look softer or fluffier, run your fingers through your hair and play with the curls a little.
    • You can also separate curls into smaller ones. This can make them look softer and adds volume to your hair.

Heatless Beach Waves

Before bed…

  1. Wash your wig and let it air dry a bit. Once your hair has become slightly damp, you will then split into 2 sections (right and left) down the center or where your part usually is. Use a little curling cream if you like to give it some help if necessary. Or you’d just like the hair fibers to still have that soft touch to them. Brush the hair piece you are going to use, then take a section and start twisting at the roots/base with your fingers. Make sure you continue this step all the way to the ends. A key concept: When twisting, if you’d like them to be wrapped and twisted well make sure you’re combing your hair with your fingers as you’re twisting. This way will cause the least amount of tangling to none. You really want to emphasize even the ‘center’ of your twists are twisting too (such as a funnel or a tornado).
  2. Once you’ve twisted from your scalp to the ends, you will then take the ends to the crown of your head and pin them. Then use 1-2 more to help keep the twist in place for a more secure hold for your waves.
  3. Twist the other side in the same direction (twist both sides away from face, or towards face). Bring the ends to the crown of your head right along the first twist. Use the same 2-3 clips to hold both twists in place. Re-position clips as needed, making sure both ends of the twists have a clip securing them.

In the morning…

  • Rise and shine it’s time to remove the clips and piece the waves accordingly. Or just flip your hair over and back. Move your hands in a back and forth motion to let those waves be their own. You should be quite happy with your “Oh, I just rolled out of bed looking this good” waves!
  • You can always use some setting spray if you’d like that is completely up to you!